Earth, nature, global warming . So what ? (Part 1)

you seriously think like that ?

it doesn’t concerns me ; what could I do I‘m just a single person what could I alone do something against global warming ?  so even if I try nothing’s gonna change anyway; why shouldn’t I throw my garbage on the floor it doesn’t bother anyone right ? ; 

really it won’t bother anyone ? oh great! say that again when the earth is dead ! how often i hear some of the phrases above ! thats way too often ! poor earth ! so to all those single persons if you really think so then  get you’re fat ass up an  team up with another single person who thik that and plant some trees or other plants that would be nice as well but don’t forgtet to water it right ! 

You all are still waiting for a miracle? why not make that miracle yourself ?

How ?

don’t throw you’re garbage anywhere you want you dumb-ass ! (why do you think something like a trash can exists anyway ) i always  get mad as hell when i see the Mount Garbage (just named it like that !) my Classmates leave behind after the Break (when we have biology class next )  what are they thinking ? are they out of their minds ?  And every time our teacher ask if they did it  they say no way how could (something like that ) 

seriously what are they thinking  😐 

well just don’t let you garbage on te floor .

and put it in the right trash can !

that alone would help alot

that and using less plastic  . !  plastic needs ca 1,000 – 3,000 years  to rot (that might be shocking someone (hopefully))

and  did you know that there is a large ” island of garbage ” in the ocean named the garbadge patch ?

thats terrible ( –> for more information )

well that would be it for part 1 i’m sure Kicchi can say a lot to this topic as well


(and sorry for things i might spelled wrong or if a sentence is grammatical wrong ) 


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