Manga Introduction: Change 123

 Hibiki, Fujiko, Mikiri and Motoko

Title: Change 123 or Change Hifumi

Artist: Iwasawa Shiuri

Author: Sakaguchi Iku

First released in: 2005

Genre: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Seinen, School Life

Status: Completed –> 60 Chapters

What is it about:

The story revolves around Kosukegawa Teruharu(or simply Hideo), a die-hard fan of Kamen Raider, and Gettou Motoko who has multiple personalities due to the excessively rigorous training she received from her three adoptive fathers(each of them is a master in a certail style of martial arts) in her childhood. These personalities are Hibiki, Fujiko and Mikiri(in short Hi-Fu-Mi –> 1-2-3). Each of them represents a colour(red=attack, yellow=defense, blue=speed) and in the later half of the Manga a fourth personality will be introduced: the highly dangerous “Zero” representing the colour black as a mixture of Hi-Fu-Mi who will only appear when Motoko AND Hi-Fu-Mi are knocked out.
Kosukegawa(a classmate of Motoko) finds this out and first becomes friends with Motoko and Hi-Fu-Mi and later on develops romantic feelings for all personalities and vice versa.
Together they set out on a journey to fuse all her personalities.
Well, their journey was bound to be dangerous 😉

Cover of Volume 1 Chapter 1

My opninion:

I really enjoyed this Manga. It was funny, entertaining and much more. And even the end satisfied me. My favourite character is Fujiko: She appears cold but has a warm heart( a real tsundere 😉 ) and acts like the oldest sister of all personalities. Hi-Fu-Mi are a great team and Kosukegawa is just an perverted idiotic Kamen Raider-Fan. So go and read it. It’s worth your time!



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