We are selfconscious…

…aren’t we?

We girls rely on make-up, pretty clothes and try not to be too mainstream but to not stand out to much either.

Because it hurts being talked about behind your back. It hurts even more when those people who are gossiping their mouths off only do so when you’re not around and throw a big fat fake-smile at you when you’re there. That’s what they are. Fake!

But then the popular girls stand out like a sun on a stormy sky. You try to find your own style too and promptly they call you cocky. What’s so different between us. When you take off all the make-up, clothes and let your hair fall naturally we’re all the same.

And on this empty fabric you can start with painting who you are or who you want to be. Don’t hide. Come out and show what you’ve got!

What is there to lose?

Express who you are
Express who you are

You might notice that this drawing is the result of this sketch 😉




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