Disney going Manga

This year I see this Disney figures in Manga style rather often. Ariel, Yasmin, Jafar and so on. And yesterday I saw this –> http://en.rocketnews24.com/2013/05/11/disney-villains-clean-up-well-wow-japan/   and my first thought after reading it was “Where is Yzma??”

You know, Yzma. From ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ (= Ein Königreich für ein Lama).

This freaking scary, skinny, old woman:

Oh yeah..scary, isn’t she 😉

Well, I googled (I bet “googling” is already in the dictionary) her and tried to find an anime or manga version. Result? None!
And so I made it my duty to manga-fy her.

What do you think of this Yzma??

I think I messed up her hand...hmm..
I think I messed up her hand…hmm..

Now the internet has a manga-fied(?) Yzma. *pleased with herself*




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