Vampire Knight – End

And with the completion of this awesome manga its love-triangle ended as well.

No more wondering whether Yuki is going to choose Zero or Kaname.
By the way:
I think it’s kind of strange that she would even consider choosing Kaname because at first he was a senpai, which is fine, then he was her brother and in the end he was some resurrected ancestor. Just very confusing. Well, love is unpredictable.

In the end Kaname tore his heart out and threw it into the furnace only to tell Yuki to choose Zero.

And Zero, as much as I like him, agreed with saying “I’ll wait even if it takes years” or something along the lines. I was kind of reminded of The Vampire Diaries with this (Elena-Damon-Stefan-triangle).

Uhm, well. Seems like a thousand years went by and Zero and Yuki had kids (how did that happen ??! Zero was/is no pureblood) who put Kanames heart back and turned him into a human.

Nice ending people. Although I would like to have an EXTRA with how Yuki and Zero(+kids) lived after Kaname was frozen.

If you haven’t read it yet, read it now. Or at least try it. It’s fun to read and entertaining.

This picture is a link to the last chapter. English translation.



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