Get stuck in the lift…well, happens…

Yep. That’s right. Today I got stuck in a lift. It was no fun and I was lucky that the nurse that got stuck with me had a mobile to call for help because the emergency button wasn’t working either. But how did it come to this? Well, let me elaborate a bit.

In school we’re supposed to do two internships. A BOGY-Praktikum and a COMPASSION-Praktikum(gruesome name by the way). We were distributed into different work fields. There were places in the hospital, houses for disabled people (no idea what you call them in english) and rest homes. Well, I got one in a rest home a few towns over.

Today was my second day AND church day. The rest home has a chapel of its one (which is pretty nice by the way) and after breakfast we started to transport most of the elderly down(with a couple of lifts, of course).
Oh god, that was like organizing the retreat of some troops with the difference that most were sitting in a wheelchair. Still difficult and a really gigantic, superenormous mess! Well, after half an hour we finally got everyone down that was capable of being in the chapel because some can’t even leave their bed.

Worship was OK. We sung a bit. Talked about being sheep and being thrown into a bunch of wolves. And now! You guessed right. Now we had to transport EVERYONE back to their floor.

Apparently the big lift was full and would need some more time for the next load. So we took the small lift in the middle of the building next to the bridge that connects the one with the other building. Took the lift, arrived at the floor…got stuck. That freaking door didn’t open!!
So me, an elderly woman and man and a nurse tried to keep calm and think. Well, the elderly woman was panicking. Fortunately the nurse had her phone with her and started to call all people she thought could help us out(literally). And I mean ALL. She even called her boss to tell her she “might be running a bit late”.
We even had the luck that the light went out and the ventilation just stopped working. Great. Now both elderly started to freak out.
Thank goodness that just was the janitor fixing the problem by cutting the electricity and turning it back on. Finally the door opened. Yay!!

What do we learn?
—> Take the stairs if possible! And never ever forget your mobile.



Published by: Kitsune

I love art of any kind as long as it doesn't involve a long-winded explanation about what it should represent or not. Thus I love to draw. Be it pencil on paper, digital or on a canvas. Of course I'm nowhere near the level of some artists in the world but I like to think that I'm steadily improving. I like reading and drinking tea but also go out if I have the oppurtunity and the right company. I'm a night person which is also the reason why most of my posts are written and published around 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. in the night.

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