Manga Introduction: Choukakou

Title: Choukakou

Artist/Author: Xia Da

Year of Release: 2011

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Drama, Historical, Seinen, Tragedy

Read online here –> Mangafox

What is it about:

Chang An in the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907): The demon star is passing through the sky, calamity is about to befall the Tang Dynasty – because of a woman. (Description taken from Mangafox.)

Own opinion:

The Manga only got two chapters so far. But these are fairly long ( ca. 45 pages) and the first few explain the background situation rather well. It can get confusing if you’re not used to chinese names ’cause half of the names seem to have a “Chi” somewhere in the name.
The story seems very nice and I can’t wait for the release of the following chapters 😀
Whats more important – at least to me – is that the drawings are really beautiful. And I mean beautiful !Must have taken a while to draw all this details. Just take a  look. I’m gonna add some sneek-peeks at the end of this post.
What else…
I recommend this manga to everyone who likes historical dramas and of course to those that still need to fall in love with them. Some are crappy and some are just plain amazing, drawing- and story-wise. This manga is definitely one of the latter.

And the sneek-peeks 😉 :


So? Did i make you curious?? Check it out! 😀

— Kitsune


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