Animal crossing (Welcome Amiibo)

So …. i decided to renew this post cause …. well i wasn’t that good and well ….  oh yeah right there was an update for the Animal Crossing New Leaf game … (i just use this as an excuse nobody’s gonna notice this … nyehehehe)

It really surprised me! i would have never guessed that Nintendo would ever update a “finished” game. Normally they would rather choose to use the opportunity to lure people in with this new feature to make them buy a new game that isn’t that different. (… or am i thinking of EA and their FIFA games) Don’t get me wrong  i love nintendo my favourite all time console is the NES (what can i say best Mario games + i grew up with it … (i still now where i get the 3 whistles hehe) so this console has the childhood points ) and most Animal crossing games i played (actually just the ones for the DS and the Wii ) had new features and had in a way new functions …. but the interaction with the neighbors were kinda …. always the same (and still are ) .

Anyway what’s new with the update

You now have a campingground somwhere connected to your town. There you find a dude called Harvey… He explains the Campingground and when you see him feeding the birds and you talk to him (i think about 4 times) he gives you a “Bohnenkörbchen” (that’s what it’s called in German it would be something like bean basket if you translate it directly … )  and you can feed birds as well (only on the Campingground though)

when you do specific actions (you can look up which exactly when you go on your ID Card there is a new section after the update and it’s something like analyse 5 fossils etc. ) you get coupons  (after action you have to collect them at a machine by the town hall) with these coupons you can buy items that harvey sells (the items on the veranda )

And every day there is a caravan on the campingground which a special neighbour in it. And inside you can order anything (furniture, carpet,…)

And you can exchange one coupon for 3,000 bells .

And with the amiibos you can call other neighbours (a second caravan arives) and you can either get a gift or ask them to live in your town.


well i think that was all or at least most of it

for those who want to know or not my town’s called Rakhem my figures name is yama and my  dream town code …. dream code thingy is : 6C00-00019-A6E2

Maybe i’ll add yome pictures later 😉

Yamanekocchi =^.^=



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