Manga Introduction: American Ghost Jack

Title: American Ghost Jack

The main character Ma Go-eun

Author: Han Ji-hye

Artist: Ahn Jeong-eun

Year of release: 2013

Genre(s): Horror, Seinen, Supernatural, Webtoons

What is it about:

Young Ma Go-eun and her father are about to be evicted from the haunted house they’ve run throughout the years. But Go-eun is not about to let the park owner demolish their haunted house and her memories of her childhood and her mother. She resolves to go to the United States to surpass trials and get a million dollar cash prize awarded to those who can survive a stay in Ghost Jack’s House.
(taken from

Own opinion:

I guess it’s more of an online-comic than it is a manga and its chapters are a bit too short for my liking. But it’s drawn very well and the storyline is interesting as well. I especially like the main character Ma Go-eun because she is a tad scary and her reactions in the haunted mansion are just to good to not read this manga. The side characters are awesome to, especially that crazy fangirl who wants to summon Jack. By the way: Jack is – or was – a famous pianist who is haunting the mansion. His butler is just scary. I wouldn’t want to meet him, be it day or night.
But what is the real agenda of Mr. Scary Butler (like I call him) ??

Read it to find out 😉

Status: Ongoing (Read online for free here –> American Ghost Jack|Mangareader )





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