Manhwa Introduction: Peony Pavilion

The Cover

Title: Peony Pavilion

Author/Artist: Xia Da

Year of Release: 2008

Genre(s): Drama, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy

It is a collection of illustrated Chinese folk tales and poems.

Included are:
  The Peony Pavilion
  The Male Phoenix Seeks His Mate
  The Book of Songs – Odes of Qin (to be more precise: the song Reed)
  Jiang Cheng Zi
  Solitary Rabbit

My own opinion:
Personally I think this is a very beautiful masterpiece. It is true art and I would love to read more of these Chinese tales, poems and songs. This of course is only a translation and I believe the original versions are even more beautiful. Nonetheless the combination of the calm illustrations that enhanced the literature with the actual literature was very lovely. And the explanations at the end of each “One Shot” helped very much as I didn’t know the tales and poems beforehand.

Status: Complete (Read Online for Free here –> Manhwa|Peony Pavilion )

From The Male Phoenix Seeks His Mate
From Jiang Cheng Zi



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