Manga Introduction: Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen

Title: Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen

Cover of Chapter 1

Author/Artist: Ogura, Akane

Year of Release: 2007

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Action, Drama

Status: Complete (Read Online for Free here —> Manga|Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen)

“The long-lasting war between the Northern and the Southern Kingdoms is unbearable. So the northern Prince Johane and the southern Princess Euda (which will change into “Yuda” later on…I don’t know which one is right) decide to tell everyone they are in love, because their marriage can stop the war. But the truth is they do not get along at all!”(Source: At least in the beginning. As they slowly fall in love with each other someone quietly plans the end of their and their countries happiness. Love has its prize. And sometimes it is paid in blood.

My Own Opinion: 
This Manga was also read a long time ago. I think it was when I started reading Mangas, about five years ago. Anyway: At that time I chose to read it because I liked how it was drawn. This is still one of my main criteria when choosing a manga or manhwa or anything (in case of books of course only the cover) to read. Well, after the first few pages my laughing was heard throughout our entire house because – lets face it – the characters are adorable and hilarious!! At the beginning the princess always hits or scratches te prince’s face when he gets to close and runs away with the words: “Idiot Johann-sama!!” I mean, she is respectful while calling him an idiot!! And the way the people are drawn is just to cute. It totally is a manga that will make every girl (because I doubt that guys will want to read can give it a try, but if you don’t like it I’d advice you to stick to Bleach or Death Note which I can recommend to read as well) laugh and – in the later chapters – cry.
Give it a try, ok? (That even rhymed! 😀 )

From Chapter 1
From Chapter 4…I really love that dress!!





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