My worries and art

Once again I’m sorry for not posting anything for a while. Its been almost a month. I know. But school somehow has me in its unrelenting and unmerciful grip with exams and planing our years prom (which is like fighting with lions and sharks at the same time!) and on top of that stressing what I should do after school. Like something meaningful and fun and interesting. But no, I have literally no idea what to do. Ok, I have an idea but there are too many options.
For your information: I plan on not immediately going to university, but to travel. Like doing internships or volunteer work. And, as most of you will know, there are tons of options. I narrowed it down to teaching in either China or Thailand or nature conservancy in either Mexico or Thailand. Or do internships in Singapore or England.
Way too much options. And I’m worried about language skills.
I’d really love to teach in China or Thailand but I don’t know if the language barrier will be a problem for that. Can any of you speak from own experiences?

The other thing is: What am I going to study?! Did you know that alone in Germany there are over 16000 different courses?? How am I supposed to choose?! Although I’d like to study forensic anthropology I don’t know if that’s possible. You can’t study that in Germany. I’d have to study in the U.S.. And the study fees are higher than here. At least that’s what I heard. Does anyone know how high the fees are? Included with living expenses. And where is the best place to study that particular field? I am totally lost. Nowadays there are way too many possibilities to choose from. And what is the right choice? What am I supposed to do if I choose wrong at even one turn in my life? Even one wrong choice can literary destroy a person’s life. And I’ve got enough worries for now! I don’t even have time to do something I genuinely like. Like drawing for example.

That reminds me that I wanted to tell you that I now have an account on Deviantart (–> Click here). In case you’re wondering. I chose the name because Only “Kitsune” was already taken. As well as any other combination with it that I liked. So I decided “Lets turn aristocratic and add a “Baroness” in front of it!”. Anyway…If you want to, you can check it out (which means: Go and check it out!!!).
Furthermore I’d like to show you one of my new drawings (which can also be seen on deviantart..just saying):

I call her the "wood Goddess"
I call her the “Wood Goddess”

Now that I told you about my worries I feel considerably better. I refuse to go to a psychotherapist although I might need one. I worry that I am that crazy (courtesy to sleep deprivation) and mental that they’d put me into an asylum which I will never let happen. Like ever.

Moving on to happier topics:
I’m turning 18 on the 30. Oktober. That means: No more need of my dad as a front-seat passenger which would only lead to many dead pedestrians. (As you can see my father is certainly not an easy person.) And drinking all I want (which I probably won’t do because I’m not into alcohol at all). And I get a graphic tablet for my birthday! Yay! So expect some more digital drawings.
And I currently have fall break. Which should be awesome. And probably is for most students. Not for us (me and the rest of my year). We need our break to study math and biology and whatever is the next exam. Fun. Not.

On that I’ll end this post here, but not after asking:
“Do you think we should change our blog design?” because I noticed that the font is very small. Especially if I write longer posts. And do you people even read those posts??



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