“Will you do the thing for the rest of our lives?”

Now that really is the best proposal I ever witnessed! I mean, who doesn’t love Zhu Li and Varrick!?
For everyone who does not know what I am talking about:
It’s Legend of Korra. Watch it! It’s awesome *_*

Ehem, now that you are up to date follows my rambling and praising and …well, you’ll see.
(If you have not watched all four seasons of LoK yet, I’d recommend you to do so before reading this because it would take all the fun away otherwise. Spoiler alert in other words.)

I think that VarrickXZhu Li (or Zhurrick) could be suspected rather early on. And I personally just loved the dynamics between those two. Every time he said “Zhu Li, do the thing!” without specifying what exactly he meant and her understanding right away what she was asked to do I was asking myself: “When do they realise they are perfect for each other?!” They are after all indeed perfect for each other.
The only problem was of course that Varrick took Zhu Li for granted and never really had to do anything without her. And I mean ANYTHING. For gods sake, they were stuck inside a stuffed platypus bear together!

And just to be clear: I would be scared of their kids. The combination of crazy genius and cold, heartless war machine does not bode well. For anyone.

But onto further squealing (Is that a word?):
They are so cute together. Not only their wedding in the season finale but also Varrick’s proposal after Zhu Li tells him (well, she rather shouts at him) that she won’t be his assistant anymore and that she will not be tagging along any longer should she not be treated as an equal to him is really one of the shows high lights. At least I think so.

Even when she allegedly (When watching the show you will be hearing saying this word. A lot.) betrays him to work for Kuvira the viewer kind of knows (It’s a gut feeling.) that she doesn’t really betray him. At that time only as an assistant though. In reality she spies on Kuvira and tries to sabotage that crazy megalomaniac to save her loved one. Varrick in this case. That, dear readers, is unbelievable cute. Such loyalty. And sneekyness!
Not to mention the scene where the train gets partly blown up and Varrick saves Zhu Li. But not in that manly, super hero-ish way that one kind of expects in movies (or movers, as Varrick calls them). No, (and now excuse the he-said-she-said-part) he grabs her arms while she is hanging out of the train and tries to pull her up as she is almost dragging on the tracks. But he can’t pull her up and tells her to lose some weight that Zhu Li comments with “I don’t think so sir. You are just weak.”. I mean, that was the first time I ever heard her speak anything other than “Yes sir!” or any other confirmation on orders. And then it’s such a dry and hilarious comment! Hook, line and sinker, Zhu Li. I applaud you. After he mans up and pulls her back on the train (now missing a backside-wall-thing…you know what I mean) she is all like “Varrick…You saved me…” ~romatic chinese music~ and he’s like “Of course I saved you….I can’t clean this place up all by myself!” ~drastic mood change~. Gee, thanks Varrick for killing the mood and crushing the hearts of Zhurrick fans! But I think he just wasn’t ready yet to accept his own feeling towards Zhu Li and hides it under a very very thick layer of arrogance and Varrick-ness. I mean, he names stuff after her!
Varrick – I built a war ship. Named her the Zhu Li.
Bolin – You named your war ship after your assistant?
Varrick – Yep, they’re both cold, heartless war machines.
(Which is only one example.)

What else is there to mention…well, I can’t think of anything else, so I’ll just add a bunch of pictures (yippie, Google!):

She’s the man 😉

Ehem, enough of that. Credit where credit is due and all that. (I really need to learn how to make gifs…)



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