The Dentist

James bond villain Jaws

Yep. Today I went to the dentist to get a wisdom tooth pulled out. (Why are they called like that anyway? It’s not like they make us any smarter..) And I can tell you it was not the most pleasant experience. But lets start at the beginning





Two weeks ago was my last appointment at the orthodontist. I was finally done with my braces. (Thank god!) And I though I would never have to put a step into any dentists office (you know, besides the annual check-up where they do considerably less poking around). The last thing to do was to x-ray everything. It’s standard procedure and I really didn’t mind. Turns out my lower right wisdom tooth wasn’t exactly growing the right way. The little… tooth apparently thought: “I want to be special! I will not grow upwards. No, I will choose growing sideways because that’s sooo swag.” (Please note: I have no idea what swag actually means.) And by growing sideways he/she (do teeth have genders? unlikely.. –>) IT would have shoved the other teeth into a pad position and I would have to go to get braces..AGAIN. Not with me! So I got a recommendation and made an appointment with a specialist. Who would have thought that I’d hate myself for that… *macabre laughter*

And today was the day. So I dragged my parents there with me because everyone that knows me knows that I’m bad with stress resulting from any kind of injection. (I can’t stand injection needles since the one time I fainted during getting blood samples taken after the lady repeatedly jabbed my arm and just couldn’t find my vein.) Getting teeth pulled is not a pleasant memory either. Let’s just say that I was so worried that my adrenaline level rose tremendously and after it was over the adrenaline wasn’t needed anymore but my heart was still beating like a jungle drum (Wait…isn’t there a song like this? My heart is beating like a jungle drum that is.) Guess what happened. That’s right. I fainted. I seem to do that alot…I do faint at some of the oddest places. In gondolas and embassies and know.

Anyway, where were we. Getting wisdom teeth pulled out. Right. (Oh joy..) The dental nurses were actually really nice and the doctor seemed capable. The area got anesthetized and this fussy feeling spread out throughout the lower right part of my skull. I couldn`t even feel my ear anymore. The needle part to anesthesize my jaw wasn’t actually the terrible part. It was surprisingly ok, although it felt like the doctor was poking on my jaw bone… The worst part of it was the sound of breaking bone..or tooth. It was almost vomit inducing. That has to be the most terrible sound on earth right after tortured screams and the sound of people applauding Alexis Tsipras. You get what I mean. It’s not like one actually feels the tooth being pulled out but the sound of tooth being broken out of you jaw bone is awful.

At least the tooth was finally out I thought I could finally relax. Well, I was sooo wrong. Apparently my brain chose the moment when everyone had left the room (to let me rest) to induce an earth shattering panic attack. Hyperventilating, crying and shivering included. Seems like I’m really really good at suppressing things like that. So instead of having a panic attack before getting the tooth pulled out it caught up with me later. Just. what. is.wrong. with. me?! Hyperventilating led to me getting dizzy and the dental assistant coming in and seeing my nervous breakdown. Awkward. I couldn’t even stop shivering like a Chihuahua readying itself to attack someone and trying to be scary and ferocious and stuff. The dental lady even had to get my dad. Can’t remember my dad last saw me giving in to emotions. Has been a while.

After that most embarrassing moment of almost loosing my dignity (I’m not good with showing my weaknesses to people. You readers are ok. You don’t actually see me.) and stopping at the drug store we drove home. I’ll probably spend the rest of my day indoors with an icepack against my jaw and fleeing from the heat here in Germany. (I’m melting right now.)

The next few days I’ll spend doing the same but at a different place. A friend and I took part in an competition and we indeed won something (surprisingly). I’ll do a full post about that next weekend when I’m back.



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