Water Dreamer

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since last time but I just was so busy with getting my Visa for China and finding a placement for afterwards and stuff. I swear I’ve never filled out so many forms before.

Anyway, since I had some free time this weekend I decided to draw something and it turned out so well that I decided to share it with you too. Since I got an Deviantart-Account I upload all my art there which means you missed quite a few.

Water Dreamer

I like this one very much. Turned out really great for my standards.

If you want to see what you missed you can watch me here: Deviant-Kitsune

I’ll be away starting next month so you’ll probably not see much of me until December. Until then 🙂



Published by: Kitsune

I love art of any kind as long as it doesn't involve a long-winded explanation about what it should represent or not. Thus I love to draw. Be it pencil on paper, digital or on a canvas. Of course I'm nowhere near the level of some artists in the world but I like to think that I'm steadily improving. I like reading and drinking tea but also go out if I have the oppurtunity and the right company. I'm a night person which is also the reason why most of my posts are written and published around 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. in the night.

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