I’m still alive … somehow :D

so first of all i decided to start writing in english and well …. my grammar will mostly be worse 😀 but well i’m sorry just this one time …. and the other oh man i totally forgot to post something sorry for that .. and again my deepest thanks to kitsune for handling our blog so amazingly well 😀

Well guys while kicchi has finished school i decided in my first eleventh grade year to repeat the grade and so i’m still going to school while kitsune discovers the world …. aw man i’m a little envious … but i still have a lot of fun … really 🙂

so now that this is settled let’s get to the main point … well i’ve been drawing as well but i somehow never really had the courage to post anything (well it’s kicchis fault xD … 😉 ) but now im in a state where i think well the worst case scenario is that people say the drawing is bad and when they do i just have to ask what i can do better next time 😀

so for the first time ever i publish one of my drawings (i think there are going to be a lot mor from now on 😀  )

What you all need to know : the stones, the white scratches and the fading in the background (and the other background things 😀 ) are all things i can easily make with my drawing program so i don’t really earn any credits for these well i at least feel i don’t earn them 🙂 BUT the Girl with all her faults i did all by myself 😀 and i’m proud of this drawing (well i’m proud of most of my drawings … whatever 😉 )

Animegirl 1.1

Anime Girl 1.2


girl4i think it’s kinda funny how the mood of a drawing can change when the background is different ….

well that’s it for this post 🙂

till next time

Yamanekocchi 😀


One thought on “I’m still alive … somehow :D”

  1. Wow, dude! Those Drawings are amazing xD Better than everything I would ever be able to do 🙂
    (miss you, bud :()
    Greetings, Vic

    PS: Your english grammar is better than your german xD Sorry 🙂

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