Let’s set the moon on fire

hey there it’s me Yama-chan =^.^=

And this time I want to talk about daedalic entertainment games especially Edna the Breakout (German title: Edna bricht aus) and Harvey’s new Eyes (German title: Harveys neue Augen ). I love these games because they aren’t just funny but they have really … how should i say it moments were the mood is a “little” dark … and thoughtful … eitherway i love them and during some not so important classes i drew a Harvey Jacket … it wasn’t that bad actually 😀 … at home i decided to draw them with my drawing programm on my computer … and well now Edna Cosplays as Harvey and Harvey as Edna 😀


Edna und Harvey 1.6

you wonder why the moon (yes the moon not a comet.. 😀 ) is burning

well of course i like it that way and in ther german version at least harvey says when you combine him with the moon “lass uns den Mond anzünden” (something like let’s set the moon on fire ) (i don’t know if it’s the same in the other versions but oh well 😀 )

and yeah i know i forgot an h  in my signature … it was late … and i just wanted to finish the drawing … xD


well have fun


Yamanekocchi 😀


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