Frustrations of an Artist

Do you know that feeling when you’re trying to draw something specific and it’s just not turning out the way you want it to be?

I know this feeling all too well. Recently even more because I’m working on a new background and banner right now. And it’s frustrating!

I have the idea, the concept and the vision. Not to forget the motivation. But something is against me.

Zwei Grazien-SkizzeThis is the sketch. See, there’s me and Yama-chan. And I feel pretty happy with the sketch actually. But my problems are just getting started now…

Zwei Grazien-Mit haut in grauZwei Grazien-Mit haut in grau plus FarboverlaySo I decided to work in black and white and then add a colour overlay. I’m just not content at all with the result so far.

Zwei Grazien-Mit haut in grau plus Farboverlay mit HaarI thought I’d try another approach for the hair and accessory. Still not happy.

Zwei Grazien-Mit Orangenem Hintergrundteil und HaarZwei Grazien-Mit Orangenem Hintergrundteil und Haarmit erneutem FarbversuchAs you can see I erased the black and white and overlay layers.
Instead I concentrated on the background and started on colouring me again. And that’s how I’m stuck right now. It just doesn’t give off the feeling I want it to have. And quality-wise I’m disappointed in myself.

So I decided to relax a little today after researching University options.
My way to relax:
Paint something for fun and where you’re not actually trying.

Click me

Just what is wrong with me?!! This one turned out way better than intended.
I really don’t get it…

In any case, it might take some more time for this blog to shine in a new look. I appreciate your patience.



Published by: Kitsune

I love art of any kind as long as it doesn't involve a long-winded explanation about what it should represent or not. Thus I love to draw. Be it pencil on paper, digital or on a canvas. Of course I'm nowhere near the level of some artists in the world but I like to think that I'm steadily improving. I like reading and drinking tea but also go out if I have the oppurtunity and the right company. I'm a night person which is also the reason why most of my posts are written and published around 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. in the night.

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