Our Song for SHUT UP

well….. hello … yeah it’s  me (I’m golden Freddy WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH….. sorry 😀 )

well some of you know but it was this time of the year again …. that stupidly annoying time …. were dozens of dumb Germans (well i’m German i’m allowed to say it like that even if I weren’t I would still say it like that … deal with it :p ) vote for that non existent Star who gets to embarrass him- or herself and sing at the Eurovison  Song contest (ESC)  …

well first they made a huge drama not letting xavier naidoo going to the ESC cause they said he was a homopobic and a racist …. well i don’t know if it’s the truth or a rumor but personally i think he is neither. (i could be wrong though just saying 😀 ) so they made a casting show to let Germany decide who should go instead (unser song für [insert name of the city in which the ESC takes place]) . Yeah best idea let a bunch of Idiots decide! They sure now what a great singer has to be made of! Oh and  of course the castingshow isn’t  for tricking those idiots into spending their money for those voting calls …. (sarcasm off) … well i should stop wasting my energy on that it’s like that every year.

So this year (i didn’t watch the show myself so i listened to the songs on youtube ) the one who  is going to sing for Germany is  Jamie-Lee Kriewitz with her song “Ghost”(if you’re interested use the search engine you like best and look for it i am not advertising here so if you want to listen to it look for it yourself ) . Honestly i don’t want to say anything about her singing, if she has chance or not (btw the chaces are most likely low cause the ESC is just a fraud Countries who are closer to each other …. you get it ? if not forget it ! well if a country who is not close with others wants a chance to win than you should search for someone who…how do i say it …. who wants to send a “deeeeeeeep” massage to everyone like gender equality or how about stop the discrimination against homosexuals oh no forget that we already had that … and  i know well that Germanys participants aren’t that good … sorry not sorry )

But the news, articles and the comments on those just piss me off . There a tons of phrases like with her “manga voice” …. “Let’s do it manga style …..” ” Mangapüppchen” (mangadoll) ” mangaprinzesschen” many wrote that she just won caus all the kiddies vote for the manga-kid .

I’m so sick of those Comments!!! First of all how could a manga have a voice i mean besides the voice you imagine while reading of course … it would still be ridiculous but at least it would be somewhat correct if they wrote anime-voice …. but still awful …

well what do you expect… most Germans think that Manga and Anime are for little Children and they don’t care if you try to explain that Anime and Manga have as many genre as Books and movies have. It’s childish. Nothing for adults etc.

I don’t care if her Song was good or Bad. If she can win the ESC or not i want to know if she really is a Manga/ Anime fan is or not! I mean it’s ok if she just likes the style of the clothes … it’s her choice. But what if she has nothing to do with manga and anime besides the clothes and everyone just assumes so … it would be not right neither for her nor for us manga-/ anime supporter

But those comments make my blood boil…. they actually know nothing about Manga and anime and spouting so much nonsense that it hearts my brain … why are they so stupid ?

We , who like Anime and Manga , know that there are soo many  animes and manga that are not for children. Be it because of the violence or the ecchi things …. in many popular manga and anime flows so much blood and entrails that all those gore movies wish they had the money for so much fake blood (and entrails)!


Soooooo not Sorry

But honestly many Germans (well i just mostly know Germans that’s why i say it like that) just are so bound to their prejudice.

But if you’re lucky you can actually find those little Gems that even if they don’t know or like Anime, Manga, Punk , Goth …..(etc) don’t care about those prejudice and just accept it as something that exist…  (but honestly we anime and manga fans can be really pushy sometimes…  haha yeah like sometimes telling your friend dozens of times she or he should watch this or that anime :D)

well enough beeing angry 🙂

Yamanekocchi (who is not longer that angry xD)

P.S i don’t have anything against people who just like the “manga-style” i just … think it’s a little weird besides is it really a manga style … (maybe more lolita style ? ) well don’t ask me i don’t know much about style xD but well it’s a little like those kiddies who wear T-shirts of well known Artists without knowing who they are or what they do (well i’m probably one of those who just think ” oh that shirt looks nice let’s buy it ” but i would never wear my Deadpool T-shirt without knowing it’s Deadpool come on that would be so  ridiculous hahaha…. i should stop writing so much nonesense at the end of my post ….. as if xD


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