Manga Introduction: Gou – Himetachi no Sengoku

Title: Gou – Himetachi no Sengoku

Credit to the owner

Author: Tabuchi Kumiko

Artist: Akatsuki Kaori

Year of Release: 2010

Genre(s): Drama, Historical, Shoujo, Romance

Status: Complete (Read Online for free here –> Mangafox)

The story focuses on the life of Gou, a wife of the second Tokugawa shogun Hidetada. Gou was the third daughter of the daimyo Azai Nagamasa, who was married to the sister of Oda Nobunaga. One of Gou’s older sisters was the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, while the other married the daimyo Kyogoku Takatsugu.

Own Opinion:
I have enjoyed this manga very much over the years. I started it in a time where my interest in Oda Nobunaga was great. At one point I had read all the well-illustrated mangas about good ol’ Nobunaga. By chance I stumbled upon this one. It was a real gem.
Gou starts out as a small crybaby who relies strongly on her sisters, mother and Nobunaga. She seems to be Nobunagas favourite niece.
But over the years – as she grows up – she has to face many hardships. She marries multiple times and grows to love each of her husbands. But happiness doesn’t last long most of the time. Gou’s time is also called the warring era. And thus her husbands fall in battle. All besides her last one. Or at least we don’t know because the manga ends before either of them die.
I loved seeing Gou grow as a person, a wife and a mother. It s said many times that women have different battles to fight than men. And she fights wholeheartedly. She fights to do the right thing. So that her loved ones can become happy.
She also has to sacrifice many things but always stands up again when beaten down.

I’m sure that many will enjoy this story as much as I did.
And although it’s finished it ends in a way that leaves no regrets.
A happy ending is what we seek, afterall.



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