Manga Introduction: Akatsuki no Yona

The Heroine of this story is a red haired Girl. Her name is Yona and she is the only daughter (and child) of the Ruler of Kouka Kingdom, Emperor Il.




Yona lives a life without ever having to worry about anything. She has enough to eat, many luxury goods and is always surrounded by things She loves and cares about. (She has no idea what’s going on outside of the castle … a really secluded princess that only knows the nice side of the world and humanity … poor girl)

The Castle is located in Kuuto the imperial City


Kouka Kingdom

KoukaKingdom consist of 5 Tribes:

Fire Tribe

Earth Tribe

Water Tribe

Wind Tribe

Sky Tribe


The Leader of each Tribe are Generals that are next to the King’s authority. They decide the new King if the current royal Family becomes extinct.

Back to our lovely princess Yona.(I’ll only spoil the first episode or maybe the second and third as well … but just the beginning … short version :Yonas Life changes on her 16th Birthday when she witnesses her fathers murder )

Yona has 2 childhood friends: Soo-Won (blondie) and Hak (blackie …. yeah that works )


Hak is the (adoptive) son of the Wind Tribes General and One (or the) best fighter in the Kouka Kingdom and is known throughout Kouka as the thunder Beast. Soo-Won is Yonas Cousin and her (one-sided) Crush.

It starts with Yonas 16th birthday being a week away and Soo-Won comes to the castle for visting her. After some intruduction of the characters (as well as showing that Yona is kinda a spoiled brat) She goes (on her birthday) to her father and makes it clear to him that she wants to marry Soo-Won. But he denies this request of his daughter. (maybe spoiler but not really a spoiler he would have accepted a marriage between Yona and Hak … i think that was mentioned in the first episode/chapter or at least somwhere in the beginning). After some thinking she goes back and witnesses her fathers murder ….

The murderer beeing none other than Soo-Won!!! (oh jeez so much spoiler of the first episode …. sorry … but it’s only the beginning)

Yona needs to flee but the batrayal of her long-time crush and foremost the death of her father puts her in a state where she’s like  soulless doll. But Hak comes to her rescue and together they flee.



Hak Comforts Yona and tries his best to ignites her sprak of life again. And only after they were chased and Hak got hurt She began to be herself again and tries to safe Hak and they both fall down a cliff. They got rescued by a guy (Yoon) that prides himself with his brain and a clumy priest (Ik-Soo) who is Yoons guardian and reveals Yona a prophecy that makes her start her Journey to find the 4 dragon warriors. …….


What are the Dragonwarriors?

It begins with a legend of Kouka … the Legend of king Hiryuu

The red dragon god  (King Hiryuu) descendet from heaven to become human. The Dragon warriors were given the Duty to protect Hiryuu in place of the 4 Dragons.

Hakuryuu/ white Dragon gives his Dragon warrior the power of his right arm. Making the warriors arm ten times stronger than that of a normal person



Seiryuu/ blue Dragon gives his Dragon warrior the power of his eyes. So the Dragon warrior is able to see at long distances and even at peoples hearts. Looking at the heart makes him able to let the other person see halucinations and/ or paralyse them. But inflicting pain on the other person in this state let’s the warrior feel the same pain.


Ryokuryuu/ green Dragon gives his Warrior the power of his right foot (leg) giving him a great jumping capacity and let’shim leap as high as he wants to. Also has a very strong kick.



Ouryuu/ yellow dragon  gives his warrior an indestructible body.



So with that her Journey begins where She will find many new friends.


But at the same time Soo-Won  does everything to become the next king of Kouka




So let the party get started! Akatsuki no Yona has a beautifull artstyle and a fascinating story that only has started 😉 So many lovable and funny characters and A heroine that might be at first a little annoying  but grows more and more as a person as the story goes on. And developes a great Character. So go along on her journey and see what she and her new friends and old friends are capable of. (and ship whoever you want to ship i won’t stop you )



Yamanekocchi =^.^=


P.S this time i got some facts and reminders (i mean i looked it up to be sure)  off the Akatsuki no Yona Wiki

and the Pics are all from the opening


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