Train and passenger behavior 

first sorry i’m writing this on my mobile phone

now back to business … i have to go to my university . … (or college well german universität (uni for short) ) by train and that every day. And even if I go at a different time it’s always the same.

every day when the train arrives and comes to a stop people forget their manners …. instead of letting the people out of the train many try to just walk past them to just get in there (I’m sorry if this post is more chaotic than the others … it’s too early) …. I hate it…. why can’t they just wait patiently until everyone who wants to get out gets out ….. are they fearing that there won’t be any seats anymore ? …. in most cases there are and I don’t think that’s  so bad that you can’t wait a short time … (the routes I use take about 1 hour (10 min the first train about 50 min the second train) and you can stand this long without a problem …. but as always humans are very selfish …. just wanted to get some steam off.. but seriously why is it that when I was younger I got yelled at when I acted this way (and not by my parents) and  now they do that themselves ….. I better stop now this post is stupid enough …. soooo tired ….

BB yamanekocchi =^.^=


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