Just rambling a bit

First of all …. Read at your own risk …

Seriously  some Services are so stupid … i should have gotten a PIN and a TAN list

never got any of those … so after my sister told me i need this for doing specific actions …. i thought shit … so to get the TAN you need the PIN BUT they only send PINs and TANs per post … so after an eternity they finally send the Pin and well they tell me i need to change the password but i can’t without the TAN BUT (again) nowhere in these option was written how you get a new TAN-list …. OK fine hopefully they send it before the deadline …. but F*CK ME …. that stupid asshole of a site just told me something that sounded to me like this: OH NOOOOOOOOOO YOU FUCKER SOMEHOW and it wasn’t me i swear i would never do anything to hinder you in any way …. i mean YOU  COULD have asked for this shit sooner but you didn’t because YOU ALWAYS postpone shit you don’t like dealing with and now you say it was because you didn’t knew you had to even though it was written in ther first letter you got ….. TOO BAD YOU IDIOT (now i imagine Flowey of undertale saying that xD ) ANYWAYS I….. EHHHHH someone oder somehow there are technical problems so we can’t send you a new TAN-list …. I MEAN YOU FUCKING GOOD FOR NOTHING AND INTROVERT HAS TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE NOW ! SO SOMEHOW GET IN TOUCH WITH THE HOTLINE ….. or you’re finished ….. hahaHHAHHAHAHhahahaHAHAHAHHAhhAHAHh ……. FLOWEY OVER AND OUT …..

So instead of dealing with this problem of mine i … yeah i know i should have dealt with the hotline befor i write in here but …..am even worse at speaking over the telephone that speaking person to person …..


I mean if i could i would prefer hacking them than talking over the telephone with anybody …. maybe i can try writing an email …

well…. see ya or not Yamanekocchi -.- and i’m not sorry about any mistakes i made

Here is a badly drawn and animated Michael Myers …. it’s kinda a practice with animating because i know nothing about animating and well …. it’s so weird how he walks ;.; but it’s a beginning so … xD



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